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Italian Gourmet Market, Gaithersburg - Deli with Italian Subs, and Market Selling Imported Italian Foods - Closed


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"I'd file it a bit below Vignola's for usefulness."

Well, Vignola's has closed its doors on the Rockville Pike, and I believe that the Italian Gourmet is about the only place left out there where you can pick up some pancetta.

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I've been to Italian Market a handful of times over the past few years. Honestly, as an Italian deli I think they leave a lot to be desired. They used to have a lot more imported deli items, but now seem to be almost exclusively a wine store. The sandwiches are good, not great (they're greatest virtue is the bread, the oft-neglected but most important part of the sandwich IMHO). The cold cuts (or whatever you call them) are Boar's Head or some other national brand that is found at the Giant as well.

While I think the mozzarella is good, I went there once looking for fresh ricotta. They pointed me towards their refrigerated case, where I could buy Polly-O's (yeah, that same stuff you can get at the Giant). Oh, and I thought their gelato (doubt they make it in house, not sure where it comes from) was far below average. All the flavors I sampled tasted like they should be labeled freezer burn.

Bottom line, I think there are a few things they do well, but in total, they are more than a step below Vignola (as a general point of reference, i recognize that option isn't available near Italian Market) and they really don't rate at all as an Italian market/deli in my eyes.

(as for peperonata, I liked them, but am just not up that way often enough. They were never going to get my 'coming home from work why don't I stop and pick up some fresh pasta for dinner business.' I agree that their location was a challenge, as highlighted by ol' ironstomach)

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