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Bethesda Boutique Wine & Beer Store Looking For Part-Time Help


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Part time position (16 - 24 hours per week) in a small beer and wine store. This is an excellent entry level opportunity to learn about the craft beer and wine industries, we work with some of the USA's best beer and wine importers and distributors. We need someone who is reliable, can work evenings and weekends, sales oriented, can carry and move 50 pounds. You will do everything to keep the store running including but not limited to helping at beer and wine tastings, updating the web page, stocking shelves, sweeping the floor, running the cash register and helping customers. Experience is not necessary but a good attitude is a must. Email your resume with a brief cover note. We can't pay much but the job could transition into more hours or it could be a stepping stone for a full time job elsewhere in the industry. 

Justin McInerny
7903 Norfolk Ave.
Bethesda, MD 20814
store (301) 656-8855
cell (301) 300-8947
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