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We made the trip recently and found the fish to be a very high quality. The fish and chips lunch special additionally was fresh, crispy and not too oily. Made onsite a homestyle tarter sauce and ketchup were particularly a nice touch for the lunchbox special.

The quality of the fish is at the same level as Blacksalt, and certainly fishes maybe be better at one or the other on any given day. The main difference between the two will be availability of certain kinds of fish. Prices at TDF are slightly lower than Blacksalt, probably due to the volume of business or as they grow their cliental.

What we cooked at home using well worn recipes turned out good.

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Have you had fish from the Blacksalt market?  I ask not to question your judgment, but just so I know your reference point.  Saying it's better than WF isn't actually saying that much to me.  Saying it's better than Blacksalt would be a significant statement (and almost hard for me to imagine since I've always been very impressed with Blacksalt).

I have been to the Blacksalt market a couple times, but it's been years.  I have had several of District Fishwife's offerings now and they have all been incredible to the point that I'm hard pressed to imagine it's possible to offer better product.  I strongly encourage you or anyone else who likes great fish/seafood to find an occasion to see for yourself.  And, while you are there, I also highly recommend the butcher next door -- Harvey's Market.  Living near both of these places has been a real blessing for my home meals the past few weeks.

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District Fishwife is definitely off to a very good start. I would like to know if there is any place better than Black Salt and District Fishwife.

Surprisingly, after living in the area for many years, I haven't never been to Jessup, MD. I wonder the quality at the main distributors for the DC metro area would be better.

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