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Torishin - Chef-Owner Shu Ikeda's Japanese Yakitori on 53rd and 9th, Midtown West

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On 6/18/2013 at 8:09 PM, Cizuka Seki said:

you want even better yakitori, try tori shin.  their sake selection is also good -- not as good as ours, mind you -- but well, good 'nuf. service is slow. also, that "stew" skewer is probably trying to evoke "sukiyaki", which is a classic hot pot of beef, mushrooms, tofu, and a bunch of other goodies.  and coverting this dish to a skewer is not a "thing" -- it's certainly specific to totto.


+1.  Based on my meals this weekend, Tori Shin blows Yakitori Totto out of the water.  My only gripe: you can only get the "special skewers" (kidney, heart, knee gristle, neck, oyster, etc.) if you order the $50 meal.

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We have been to the former locations several times and loved it.  We went to Yakitori Toto and had a flawless meal. But a bit passionless and definitely weak on the odd bits of the bird. And very expensive.  Torishin has a wider variety and more odd bits and you can order ala carte where Toto pushes their omakase heavily with the promise that there are tings on that menu you can't get otherwise.  What I love best about Torishin is the small plates, pickles etc that make it a great Izayaka and not just a yakitori experience.  We will be going on one of our upcoming trips to NYC.

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