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Secrets of a Super Chef


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Last week's segment started with Fabio on the loading dock of the Ritz Carlton checking deliveries for the restaurant, and then followed him and his family on a shopping trip to Wegmans, where he talked about the importance of fresh ingredients. Sue Palka, who did the reporting in the segment, noted that he had no frozen foods in his cart. Back at home, she opened his freezer to display a few containers of homemade chicken and veal stock, and a bottle of limoncella.

Tomorrow night's news will feature part two: Fabio and his staff at work in Maestro's kitchen.

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You didn't happen to record the first two, did you?

I did, but unfortunately didn't realize that auto-delete was in effect, so I lost the first one. I still have the second one, and if I can figure out how to wire my DVR to my DVD/R, I can copy it to a disk. Working on it.

I do have my DVR set to record the third one tonight, and I'm making sure it won't auto-erase.

Does anyone have the first installment on disk?

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Chef Fabio was on the Fox morning news this morning. I recorded the 7-9 show, but didn't set it to record the 6-7 show, and they did a segment in that one, too.

The morning news posts their videos on the website, and here's the link to the page with the Fabio videos.

I can't watch them at work--no flash. :unsure: But those of you who can, enjoy!

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