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Maid Services - Reliable, Economical, and Honest


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Okay, it's time. My last two cleaning services were (probably) illegal immigrants who were recommended to me by restaurant-industry members, and for whom I had empathy. Over the weeks, months, and years, little things - glasses, silverware - slowly disappeared. The last straw was when my first service broke a pressed glass candy dish, then put it back together to look like it wasn't broken (total value: about $15); my current service broke a wooden statue, and said nothing (total value: about $40). All it would have taken was, "I'm sorry, we accidentally broke this," and all would have been forgotten - instantly - with no compensation needed at all. But it didn't happen like that, so now, I'm looking for a new cleaning service in the Arlington area.

Any ideas for someone who is (as stated above) reliable, economical (my house is *easy* to clean since I live alone and only care about 4-5 rooms), and - most importantly - honest?

Accidents happen, they're part of life, and I couldn't care less - just *tell* me. Please? Just *tell* me!

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