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I ordered nato as a garnish for the miso soup with buckwheat noodles, which prompted our server to ask if I had tried this before. I lied and said yes, and began to wonder if this was really a good idea. But when it arrived it was far less pungent than I had thought, somewhat like finely diced brie or camembert floating around in my soup. I suspect this was a slightly "dumbed-down" version of the stinky, gooey original. But overall this dish was excellent.

Natto has a range of pungency depending on the the brand and presentation. In soup it is normally not as pungent or stringy as when not presented with a broth. That being said, the ranges of natto are similar to that of stinky cheese. Some have a wonderful bouquet and while others are more mild. Usually the stringier the natto the more intense the ordor and flavor.

Natto in miso with soba is one of my favorite presenations, and impossible to find in this area. As far as I know Makoto may be the only place to experience it this way.

ps heh heh heh-it only took me a year to get someone else to start a thread on natto :unsure:

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