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Dale Music - Sheet Music Emporium on Georgia Avenue in Downtown Silver Spring, Open Since 1950 and Closed June 30th, 2014

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I was going to write this as a "toast" in this thread, but it wouldn't be enough.

To David and Rhoda Burchuk - may they always be remembered for founding this magnificent beacon of light in 1950.

To Carol Warden - for accepting the baton, and carrying it for as long as she could.

To Dale Music - one of two great DC institutions when it comes to buying sheet music (Foxes in Falls Church being the other). Dale Music is shutting its doors for the final time on June 30th - Carol Warden has sold the building, and is going to retire. It was the rare exception when you needed a score on short notice, and Dale didn't have it in stock; the few times that it did happen to me (with obscure pieces, or unusual editions), they ordered it, and it arrived within days. The great Dale Music should be thought of in the same vein as Politics and Prose, or Frager's Hardware.

And another piece of my childhood is gone forever. :(

Don Rockwell


ETA - And so it goes: Goodbye, Dale Music.

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