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Saigon City, Full Menu Vietnamese in Tower Shopping Center on Brandon Avenue in Springfield

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I remember going into Saigon City a few years ago when it was mostly lunch-counter pho, where you place the order at the counter and wait for your number to be called, then take your tray to a set. I don't know why I haven't been back in a few years -- it wasn't bad but it wasn't great -- and I don't know what compelled me to try it again today. But I'm really glad I did.

Saigon City Restaurant is now a real restaurant, with a full Vietnamese menu and table service. And on a Friday afternoon, of the 25-30 patrons in the place, at least two-thirds were Vietnamese. That's always a good sign when an ethnic restuarant draws its peeps.

Although there are many dishes I want to return for on what appears to be the most complete Vietnamese menu in Springfield (yes, I realize that's not saying much, and you can throw in Burke, Lorton and Occoquan as well!), I went with the cha gio and the meat combo pho today.

(Note to self -- whenever writing about pho, taste it before you squeeze in the lime, dump in the basil and sprouts, and squirt in the hoisin and sriracha...) Anyway, it was good  enough to return for. The cha gio scored high on taste, but they were a little smaller than the many Falls Church versions I've had.

I will return and sample my way through the menu -- Shaky Beef and Lemon Grass Chicken, here I come! -- but I wanted to post this so that those of you with a hankering for Vietnamese in the Springfield area would have this place on your radar.


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Feeling a bit of a sore throat and chest congestion coming on, Lady Kibbee and I visited Saigon City for late lunch today.

First observation is that the restaurant was frequented by a mostly hispanic crowd today. I'm not sure if that's a singular occurrence, or if Springfield's hispanic population has developed a liking for this place, but it was noteworthy.

I started with the cha gio and then a large bowl of beef noodle, with combination meats and extra meatballs. Both of them hit the spot, and as I write this, my throat and chest are soothed by the Vietnamese penicillen. My wife had the shrimp spring rolls and the seafood soup, which she declared very good.

There are other Vietnamese places  in Springfield that serve pho, which I really needed, but few of them serve wine, which is requirement for us. 

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