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Aggio, Bryan Voltaggio's Foray in the Power Plant Development near Inner Harbor - Closed

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In the spirit of the Mattaponi River and its tributaries (I'm curious to see if anyone will figure this one out), the folks from Volt are planning to open Aggio near the Inner Harbor in the Power Plant Development.

"Bryan Voltaggio To Open Restaurant In Baltimore" by Richard Gorelick on baltimoresun.com

"Bryan Voltaggio: 'Baltimore's Restaurant Scene Is Ripe For Growth While D.C. Is Getting 'Saturated''" by Sarah Meehan on bizjournals.com

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(Hey guys, Baltimore really has made great strides and has plenty of hidden gems, just another reason to venture up 95 for an evening out and have some new experiences so the Baltimore forum isn't the same small core infrequently updating the "hot" threads)

Heck, it could probably use some additional discussion on the News & Media board since this RSS feed doesn't see as many views.

(I also liked this one from last week: Band of Brothers)

Edit: oh, I thought I was on the RSS forum because that was posted there too. Whoops.

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Edit: oh, I thought I was on the RSS forum because that was posted there too. Whoops.

[No, you were; I moved your post into here so it doesn't ever disappear, and wrote this post as an accompaniment.

Everyone: yes, please, keep replying in the RSS forums - it's my responsibility to ensure that your posts get moved to the proper, permanent location.

And JDawg ... thanks, as always, for posting,


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Visited Aggio on March 26 (Saturday of Easter Weekend). We were headed to a show at Ram's Head Live, so dropped by Power Plant around 7 to grab dinner. Been a fan of Range, and HUGE fan of VOLT for some time now, but its been a while since I've been able to drop by either. With the recent announcement of a new Voltaggio property at the MGM National Harbor and recent closing of Aggio in Bethesda (as Don linked to above), I was worried the domain may be beyond the reach of one king. Unfortunately, if Aggio is a useful proxy, one should worry about the future of the VOLT diaspora.

Tried: Octopus, Cocoa Agnolotti, Campanelle (w/ crawfish, trotters, and lardo), and Trout.

Service: No complaints. We sat at the bar. One of the guys from Rye in Fells Point (now closed) was helping out behind the bar [he's opening a bar atop the Quintessential Gentleman]. The cocktail specials were excellent.

Overall: it seemed the kitchen wasn't tasting as items went out. Seasoning was highly variable, in some cases non-existent and overpowering in others. The Octopus was very chewy but had appealing seafood flavor. Cocoa agnolotti was dominated by the sweetness of the cocoa without any balancing bitterness. Trout was excellent: spare, crispy skin, well-executed, but perhaps a bit meager for $29. Btw, bread service is EXCELLENT.

Was surprised how slow service was, even at 8pm, but again it was Easter weekend.

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