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1 hour ago, DIShGo said:

I found Annabella Sciorra  captivating as well. The episodes with Gloria and Tony were fun to watch. Unfortunately, she was one of the many women who was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. 

Yes.  Have to admit I watched her in a film possibly a decade before the Soprano's, was captivated by her, ....and she disappeared, at least as I recall.  She did a terrific job during her year or more on the Soprano's.   Then that damn story about Harvey Weinstein exploded with his multiple assaults on women.  Unbelievable and heinous.  I read she was one person seriously wounded by that experience.  


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I went back to a reference from people in my old home town, including folks I knew from decades ago.  Scenes filmed there include:

Livia’s house

Bobby Bacala’s house

The restaurant owned by the Russian mobster in the Pine Barron’s episode

The HS varsity soccer field

The local Catholic Church

The local/county park

A scene in a local lumber yard

Then there are possibly a half dozen or more scenes filmed nearby in adjacent towns from places I recognized.  Evidently the high school basketball coach at the time became a Soprano mob member in the latter years and an actor from that point on.  In season 1 or 2 when Livia got sick they used a rescue vehicle from the local volunteer fire department.  That had been manned years ago by classmates and an ex classmate long time resident was the fire chief during  that decade.  I kept hearing from people I knew who knew someone(s) who had something to do with various scenes from parts of North Jersey.  The entire show felt very close to home.   

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On 9/10/2018 at 8:49 PM, DonRocks said:


Want to talk about product placement?

I'm on SE3 EP9 of "The Sopranos," and to the best of my memory (when I began to notice), EVERY single bottle of red wine drunk on the show is a Ruffino Chianti.

If you're watching the series, look at every single bottle of red wine opened in a restaurant (and there are *many*), and it's this. I can't guarantee it's for the entire series, because I don't know how long the product-placement contract lasted, but I can guarantee it's for a disproportionate amount of time, and I'm calling BS and SPARE ME!

Ruffino.jpg <--- This is a mass-produced Chianti that is "decent" at best. Don't buy into the marketing hype.

So, a quick Google (because what I was supposed to be doing was boring and hard) suggests that there is a lot of Ruffino being quaffed.  However, he did knock back at least fiasco of Chianti consumed.


Far more interesting, though, is Season 6, Episode nine, where Chris and Tony stumble across a couple of bikers looting a liquor warehouse ("wooden crates, that's good wine") and decide to appropriate a few cases for themselves -- of '86 Chateau Lalande.  No world on what Carmella and Ro drank at Le Grand Vefour, but I'm guessing it wan't Italian.  ;)

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While it had been decades since I  lived in Jersey I had stayed in touch with various old friends, classmates, neighbors, etc, some of whom remained in that part of Jersey.  In the early 2000's those that lived in the area were enthralled with the opportunities to be part of some scenes that made it to the Soprano's.   I heard about these tales during the following years.  Two stories that came to mind, but I needed more clarity to get them straight:

During season 1 there were a number of scenes which included Mama Livia's TV home, filmed in my home town, Verona NJ.  The house is less than remarkable but might well represent 30-60% of the homes in that town.   Nancy Marchand, playing Livia, was ill during the filming and it was incorporated into the story line.   One scene included a visit from the local ambulance/emergency squad, which was an all volunteer fire department and still is.  The chief at the time was in fact an old classmate.  We were friendly if not close but have been in touch.   He related this story:

When they used the emergency vehicle my old friend got to meet with Gandolfini, Stevie Van Zandt, and some others.  Van Zandt was the most famous of all of them at the time as it was the first year and Van Zandt was part of the E Street Band.  My old friend asked Stevie if he could introduce him to Bruce Springsteen.   Van Zandt immediately went into Silvio mode and told him in accent--"nobody meets the boss. "   My old classmate does have an autographed photo out of it.

In a different story, there was filming at the Bobby Bacala house.  The woman who owned it was outside waiting.  During the waiting time she heard her cookie jar being opened.  Later Gandolfini came out and admitted he filched a cookie.  She got an autographed photo with Gandolfini out of it. It sat framed on her living room mantle.  It evidently later helped her sell that house.

Needless to say the locals relished the Soprano filmings in and around the region.

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