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In addition to the Sietsema sandwich write-up in the Magazine section, the Sunday Source explores Philadelphia cheese steaks, New Orleans po' boys, and New England lobster rolls. The articles contain suggested sources such as Al's in Del Ray, Kinkeads and Cantina Marina at the Maine Ave. waterfront.

The articles also found almost nothing at fault at any of the places they visited. They never even commented on the quality or taste of the lobster in the rolls. And for the Philly cheesesteaks, he dissed one of the places for offering Cheese Whiz on the steaks. These days, few people actually order 'wiz on the steaks, even in Philly, but it certainly is how the cheesesteak started.

I read all 3, and not only didn't it move me to try any of the places listed, I feel no more informed than before I'd read the article. Not a good review nor good journalism.

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