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NBCUniversal Shuts Down DailyCandy


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NBC Universal (owned by Comcast) has made the decision to shut down DailyCandy.

Acquired by Comcast in 2008 for $125 million, there are many articles about the pending closure on the internet, including:

"NBCUniversal-Owned DailyCandy and Television Without Pity Will Be Shut Down" by Kara Swisher on recode.net (which I believe was the original source), and who writes:

"So what happens to the huge amount of content in the archives of both DailyCandy and TWoP? It will all be saved in the digital ether, but not be available to the public." (*)

"Why NBCUniversal Spat Out DailyCandy" by Mike Shields and William Launder on blogs.wsj.com

"NBCUniversal Shutting Down DailyCandy and Television Without Pity Websites" by Hilary Lewis on hollywoodreporter.com

"How NBCUniversal Killed DailyCandy" by Robert Kolker on nymag.com

(*) It's a very obvious time and place for me to reiterate that I am setting up plans (in my will) for donrockwell.com to remain in existence, in perpetuity. I understand very well the countless number of hours our members have invested in their posts here, and it is my primary responsibility to curate that information in a responsible, long-term manner. If I get hit by a bus, donrockwell.com will continue - please consider this a permanent, safeguarded repository for your work. To me, this website is Fort Knox, and each post is an ingot of gold that will be protected forever.

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