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Via 19 Pho Bar (formerly Mezza Luna), 19th and M Streets Downtown - Closed

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Had a deliteful lunch here today with my co-worker--we shared a few Tapas, but they also have Pastas and Entrees on the menu. I've walked by several times previously and mentally noted that the menu looked appealing, but today was our first chance to actually eat here.

We shared:

smoked salmon with goat cheese on dill toast

chicken medallions wrapped in bacon

rare beef salad

tortelini of egg and potato with onion

The menu descriptions were far better than what my memory can list. My experience is limited, and I wouldn't classify this as "fine" dining, but for lunches and happy hours, it certainly fits the bill. Tapas range in price from ~$5-7, entrees are a bit pricier in the high teens and twenties, IIRC.

Lunch for two of 3 Tapas and large salad, with wine and coffee was $56 before tip.

(The restaurant is run by the same folks who run Panache, on DeSales Street near the Mayflower Hotel)

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While getting what only could be termed a "platter" of homemade Moussaka (a ridiculously cheap $7.99) with orzo, crumbled feta, and meat sauce today at Greek Deli, I noticed that Mezza Luna was closed, and in its place was Via 19.

I'd love to give Via 19 its own thread, but I'm not convinced this isn't merely a re-concepting of Mezza Luna. (Look at Mezza Luna's website, and then look at Via 19's website.)

Mind you, there's nothing at all wrong with re-concepting, so this is more of an organizational comment than anything else.



PS - Incidentally, Mezza Luna was the oldest non-closed restaurant thread in this forum (hence the high number of views).

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I thought I posted somewhere that this place had closed, but I must've just had the intention. Anyway, as it has been closed for some time, there is now major construction going on (on the outside--a deck maybe?) though I do not know who/what will be going in here.

Both the upper and lower parts of this block are empty: The Indian restaurant, the Via 19 place, Quiznos and the "supper club" or whatever it was that was underneath the former Quiznos space. (you know the space--before it became a supper club it was that sushi place you loved so much :ph34r: )

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