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What To Do With Turkey?


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Needed more room in the freezer and on a whim thawed the extra turkey we bought for Christmas but didn't need.

For some reason, at the time "boiled turkey" popped into my mind. Maybe a recipe I read somewhere but only remember dimly?

Now, the idea of boiling an actual turkey makes me feel uneasy.

And there it is, finally thawed, what to do?

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Make stock with carrots, celery, and onions. After it's done, remove the turkey from the stock, remove the breasts, and make turkey salad using your favorite chicken salad recipe.

Either that, or go ahead and roast the whole thing and have a Thanksgiving dinner in July. It's still a free country.

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Other than the obvious?

I've been known to roast birds on my propane powered Weber in hot weather so i don't heat up the house.

I've also been known to boil birds to make stock and then throw the meat back in for chicken soup.

Confit the legs. BBQ the wings. Brine and roast the breasts or use them in place of chicken in the Southeast Asian stir-fry of your choice. Or make larb with them.

And above all don't forget to make stock.

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For the breasts -

Dry-rub with your favorite mixture. Smoke for three to four hours at 225-250 until meat reads 160.

Slice in about 1/4 inch slices and serve on a bun with BBQ sauce or mayo.

See here for more details.

I'd use the rest for stock and make a Turkey and wild rice soup.

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I third the stock idea, but I would take the breasts off before you make it. They do not provide much flavor and have no gelatin to add to the body. Also, the meat will have a rather washed out flavor if you try and reuse it. For the breasts, I would simply roast them, and use them in a turkey salad (I like to use a curry mayo for this), or you can use the stock to make a soup and add some of the roasted breasts to it.

And as with all stocks, don't boil, only simmer.

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I'd roast it all up Thanksgiving style, eat some right away, and use the cooked meat in all sorts of preparations:

- cubed white meat in turkey pot pie, turkey salad, turkey curry, or turkey chili

- shredded dark meat in turkey enchiladas, pulled turkey BBQ

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Roast the turkey, invite your friends over for Thanksgiving in July and ask everyone to bring their fav holiday dish. Minimal cooking for you, maximum fun for everyone. I find Thanksgiving dinner out of season to be so much better than the one in November.

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If you have a covered grill, smoke it with hickory wood. The skin will be mahogany, and you can serve it hot or cold. This effort should consume a fairly serious amount of time, so you might want to consider having extra beer on hand to get you through the day.

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finally thawed, what to do?

You could make a Russian-doll-like roast which consists more or less of deboning, and...

stuffing a goose within the turkey,

put a pheasant in the goose,

a chicken in the goose,

then a duck stuffed with guinea hen,

the guinea hen being stuffed with a teal,

the teal itself being stuffed with a woodcock,

the woodcock of which was prior stuffed with a partridge,

into which a lapwing stuffed with a plover was stuffed.

It goes without saying/writing that the plover was stuffed with a bacon wrapped quail.

The quail is stuffed with a thrush,

the thrush having been stuffed with a vine leaf wrapped lark.

Stuff lark with ortolan (good luck) which has been stuffed with bec-figue.

Bec-figue should be stuffed, prior, with an olive.

Olive is stuffed a clove and a caper.

Cook the whole thing at 120F for 18-24 hours and hope for the best.

Garnish with green bean casserole and frito & Kaopectate Krumble. :unsure:

Recipe as per Schott’s Food and Drink Whathaveyou.

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Turkey Tonnato? Sub turkey breast for veal in the traditional prep.

Turket Tetrazinni is a fave in the Shorter household but one more appropriate for colder weather. Curried turkey salad is a good suggestion. Turkey can have a strong flavor that stands up to aggressive spicing better than chicken.

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