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Larry Kahn, World's Greatest Winker? 22-Time World Singles Champion, 18-Time World Pairs Champion

Al Dente

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You jest, Dente, you jest. But I have something approaching total respect for this guy - anyone who is so dominant in anything, be it croquet, shuffleboard, petanque, darts, bowling, etc. has developed hand-eye coordination and concentration levels that skirt the upper bounds of what is humanly possible. And after doing some research on Larry Kahn, it is truly amazing what he has done: The title says it all - 22 World Singles Championships, and he's not just winning them; he's winning them by a lot.

Here is a list of official Tiddlywinks world records, and a list of major championships - it looks like Kahn came onto the scene in about 1980, and he's still going strong as of 2013. The World Singles Championships aren't an annual event - a National Champion can challenge the World Champion for the World Championship, so the events take place on an irregular basis (like a tennis ladder, for those who are familiar with club tennis).

Kahn is not unbeatable, but he certainly has the strongest record in the world over the past 35 years by a good margin, and is undoubtedly a legend in the game.

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