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The Washington Wizards (1997-), Formerly The Washington Bullets (1974-1997) and The Capital Bullets (1973-1974)

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There must be something wrong with us  say the Wizards season ticket holders , especially those that keep buying year after year.  Ooh I can relate to that.  I held partial season ticket plans for years and years and years.....all while they stunk. (More in mediocrity at best)..

I feel their pain.....but I reformed.... now I buy discount seats on the secondary market.    Uggghhhh

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Should the Wizards Tank This Season??

As a fan I never liked the idea for any team.  But I’m neither a general manager tasked with setting a direction and (ultimately) competing nor the owner.  It’s a strategy that can work wherein high draft choices might resuscitate a team in future years. 

This past December (and earlier) the idea gained popularity in press and social media.   The team record was dismal, the star, John Wall was out for the season, the effort was listless and the results in play and record were discouraging.  This piece in the Washington Post  was one of many opinions in favor of tanking.

This past Thursday the Wiz played overseas with owner Ted Lionsis at the game and interviewed on the subject:  The Wizards will never tank (not this season) was his reaction.

Hmmm......  Having been watching this team for too many decades, having attended countless games, having seen them flounder this season, having actually recognized and acknowledged they have been overall below average (i.e.  BAD) for now almost 4 straight decades this season, for the first time, I relished the idea of tanking.

It ain’t gonna happen- not this year.  And they have had a winning (playoff quality) record since Wall went out.

“Wait till next year”.  Hmmmm...... How about waiting for the next several decades.....

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The Curse O' lez Boulez

Tony Kornheiser coined that apt phrase decades ago.  I'm not sure when.  Here is an article by Kornhieser from 2014 that summarizes decades of Bullets(Wizards) despair and ends with the "Curse o' lez boulez" description.

Fast forward 15 years.  Since then the Wizards have had two totally different versions of a "big three"  (that simply never were "big or good enough").  One ended with a bizarre gun fiasco and injuries (the Arenas era) and the other recently ended with 2 leg injuries to John Wall.  Once again the Bullets/Wizards will not win 50 games (that is 40 years in a row now)--they probably won't finish over .500.

Being a fan of this team is "TOUGH".  

Charles Barkley, an old teammate and friend of Wizards Coach Scott Brooks had this to recently say about the Wiz  Over the last 2 years I can see his point--Wall and Beal have not been a great match.  Some folks root for the New England Patriots or the NY Yankees or the San Antonio Spurs.   Bully for them.   I would suggest as an exercise in learning humility they start rooting for "lez boulez" for the next decade. 

On a side note since this is a food blog I learned the following the other day while leading a "placement session" for the bartending school.  One of the grads has been a long long term manager at concession stands at the Capital One Center.  She goes back decades.

  • Cap fans drink more
  • Wizards fans eat more
  • Concert fans both eat and drink more than fans of the teams.
  • The guests of the suites REALLY REALLY spend big on food and drink.

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