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Flight Wine Bar, Owners Kabir Amir and Swati Bose in Chinatown - Chef Bradley Curtis Comes From Graffiato

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I didn't see a thread on Flight, but please feel free to merge if I missed it (I searched a couple of different ways and came up empty).

This brief write-up from Tom Sietsema is what initially piqued my interest, even though the bar has been open since January.

We arrived, not really knowing how long we would stay - while the wines are very interesting and the staff very friendly and knowledgeable, I think Flight works best as a first or last stop of an evening.  The food menu was very small, and I couldn't really see myself doing a full meal there.  That said, we did try the bread basket, and the three varieties (Parker House rolls, English brown bread, and cornbread) were tasty and warm, and the butter was good and salty and served at the appropriate temperature.

There were about a half dozen pre-arranged flights, of which Jason chose to try the Greek flight (with one white and two reds).  I created my own flight of dry, minerally white wines, with the bartender's assistance - generally, you can do a half pour (2.5 ounces) of any wine they do by the glass.  Flights are $18, and full glasses seemed to run from $10 to $16 or so.

I was surprised it was as empty as it was - we got there around 6:30 on a Saturday, and there were 2 other people at the bar and maybe 6-10 people at tables.  There isn't much signage at all - if I didn't already know it was next to the Corner Bakery on 6th Street, I might have missed it.

I think it would be fun to go here with a group and try a lot of different things.

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We visited last night, and as Bettyjoan mentioned in her post, we also thought it would be a good "first or last stop".  In our case, it was the first stop, and we arrived around 5:15.  One thing to note is that their 5-7 p.m. happy hour is also on Saturdays.

The wine list is certainly extensive (as Mr. lovehockey said, you won't find Sutter Home here).  Instead of going for a pre-set flight, I asked for a white, rose, and red made from grapes I'd never heard of.  I was a bit surprised when the waitress told me later that she planned to use that as a suggestion in the future, since I thought that at least someone before me would have thought of that.  I received the Bodegas Muga, Bianco, Viura-based blend, Rioja, Spain, 2013; the Sauska, Villanyi Rose, Kekfrankos-based blend, Vllany, Hungary, 2013; and the Stobi Winery, Vranec Tikves, Macedonia, 2012.

Of the three, I liked the last wine (the Macedonian red) the best, although I enjoyed all of them (and so did Mr. lovehockey, who sampled each alongside his happy hour beer, which was a draft stout from Baltimore whose name I can't remember; he called it an excellent winter beer).  If I could find the wine around here, I'd buy a case of it.  The waitress told me that "everyone loves it".  It's a great combination of spice and fruit.

For our snacks, we had the zucchini fritters and duck sliders, both at happy hour prices.  We enjoyed both, although Mr. lovehockey preferred the fritters to the duck sliders.  The fritters are definitely at their best when hot.

Since it's on the 6th Street side of the Verizon Center, it doesn't get the same level of foot traffic if it was on 7th, but it was pretty full by the time we left after 6:00.

We'd go again.

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Flight is an underappreciated gem.  The wine list is quite extensive, very well priced, and full of interesting and unusual options.  They have an extensive by the glass list (around 40 or so wines), which is probably the longest and most comprehensive in DC.  They have many thematic flights, good bottles in the $40-$60 range (and some above that), and some slightly higher end bottles (around $100-$200) available to taste by Coravin.  While I haven't eaten there in awhile, the food I've had was quite good.    

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