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Dooby's Coffee Shop/Restaurant in Mount Vernon

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I have been to this place many times and the food is usually very good, but over priced, especially for Baltimore. Quaint sandwiches are $8 and no longer come with a side salad unless you pay a $1 because they were "throwing too many salads away." Cookies, which are admittedly amazing, cost $2 and have a scant diameter of two inches. There have been a few misses, most notably an asian beef lettuce wrap dish that just tasted like unsalted sautéed beef with a few chiles in it...terrible, and a meh Banh Mi. Even more peculiar was this draconian policy from day one of disallowing all laptop use at 5 pm so the coffee shop could turn into a restaurant. The restaurant is still not full unless there is a special event, i.e. restaurant week, or ramen night. And its nearly empty at 5pm when ask people, who've often just purchased food/beverage to put away their lap tops. They kick out people who want to buy dinner, get a drink, and finish up their work at communal bar seating. Its bizarre. So I haven't posted about the place until now.

When I saw this attached instagram I was puzzled. Did the owner of Dooby's previously work at Daikaya? If so, how was one of the asian dishes so bad that it paled in comparison to my admittedly half assed attempts to make beef larb? This place had "Ramen Tuesdays" during the winter that I never tried and now I wished I had just to see how it compared to Daikaya.


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