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Taliano's, Carroll Avenue in Takoma Park, Replaced By Ace Hardware - Bolted.

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Taliano's has been closed for several months now. It's supposed to be replaced with condos.

In downtown TP there isn't much. I like Mark's. Never tried the Middle Eastern place. Would avoid Taliano's.

There are tons of Mex-Salvadoran places close by. My favorite is el Golfo at Flower and Piney Branch (they love kids). Close by on University are Samantha's and Udupi/Tiffin.

Shopping -- only place you didn't catch is Trader Joe's on Colesville just north of Univ. There's also a place I love the concept of, but have yet to try, next to 7-11 on Fenton It's an Indian/Ethiopian market. blink.gif

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