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Help Needed- Doctor General Practitioner


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I swear there was a thread once on doctors in Arlington, but I can't for the life of me find it.  In fact in that thread I swear someone was mentioned that was near our house.  My husband needs to find a doctor near our house in Ballston (but surrounding Arlington is fine).  He is generally in very good health, unlike me, and doesn't want to see my fancy, expensive and not close to the house doctor, and just needs someone who can treat things like: sinus infections, allergies, the yearly physical and such.  We have a PPO so they don't need to be on any specific list.  It just needs to be someone he can get in to see relatively easily if he is sick.

He will have a new job at Mount Vernon, so I would also take an Alexandria recommendation that isn't too far off the GW Parkway or Route 1.  Thanks in advance.

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I'll look for the thread, but in the meantime, there's Ronald Gurney. I wouldn't recommend Dr. Gurney to everyone, but he sounds almost exactly like what your husband is looking for.

He's good for:

1) Getting appointments on short notice

2) Very short wait times once you're there

3) Writing prescriptions if you need them

4) Routine medical exams and physicals

5) Ease of parking, and kindness of staff

6) Listening to what the patient has to say

7) Answering your questions and concerns

There are many things I would not recommend him for (he's just not cutting edge), but in your husband's case, he sounds perfect. He's a nice man who has had the same two assistants since last century, uses a paper filing system, and will probably retire within the next ten years. If you're in good health, and need ordinary "family doctor" care, he's a really good choice, especially given how conveniently located his office is to Arlington, McLean, and Langley residents.


ETA: I've looked, and I don't that thread existed. It's not something I would have deleted, and it wouldn't have been moved to any other forum. However, there is this thread on Miriam Cusicanqui Monrroy in Virginia Square. 

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