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Dining in Rosslyn

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Rosslyn has always seemed to me to be a weird area, with a lower base down the hill and an upper narrow base along Wilson Blvd...and up a not daunting hill if one considers lunching, breakfasting, and possibly dining.  One element that has characterized Rosslyn for several decades is a rather massive amount of office space spread between down the hill and up the hill along Wilson Blvd....around 8 million square feet...or one of the largest concentrations of office space outside of the downtown.   And office space concentrations primarily mean breakfasting and lunching as opposed to dining.

A recent change in lower Rosslyn:   Two places at 1735 N Lynn Street closed, a frozen Yogurt place and the Lynn Street Cafe.  Now 1735 N Lynn is the epitome of the breakfasting and lunching element of an office market.  It is directly across from the Metro, from many bus depots and completely characterizes the lunch/breakfast element of this area, and many office areas.  Current food establishments at 1735 N Lynn include;  The Brown Bag, which must be a lunch breakfast place; Perfect Pita (with its own thread in DR), Chipotle, Chopt, Starbucks, Wiseguy Pizza, and the two departed places, one oriented toward breakfasts and lunches and one oriented toward treats and deserts.   That is a line up!!!

I suppose Central Place will change that lineup in time.   There is room in lower Rosslyn for better dining.

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