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Andrene's, Carryout-Only Caribbean Soul Food Counter at 3rd and Kennedy Street NW in Petworth

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Click and scroll down (first question post-interview). Anyone been? And I quote:

How would you like to tempt your taste buds this weekend? I guarantee you a good meal, reasonably priced.

I am the owner of Andrene's, a new restaurant on Kennedy Street NW. I read your reviews of various restaurants throughout the District, Maryland, and Virginia in Cheap Eats, and I was thrilled to see Caribbean Sea and Negril featured among the 100 favorable bargain restaurants. Andrene's is a Caribbean/Soul Food carry out.

Andrene's is only a carry out at this point because we do not have the space. In the District, very few owners are willing to sell; therefore, individuals are almost forced to work with what comes along. The menu will feature the following: Jerk chicken, patty, escoveche, calalloo, coco bread, curries, brown stew fish w/ okra, as well as collard greens, cornbread, potato salad, sweet yam, macaroni and cheese and more. We sell desserts: pound cake, chocolate cake, and home style pineapple turnover. I am working on a website.

Thank you again for taking the time out to read this. Andrene



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I just had a rocking good Curried Chicken ($8 for a small) at Andrene's. For eight dollars, I don't see how this could be any better - there was plenty of ultra-long-cooked dark-meat chicken (so long-cooked that the smaller bones were almost edible), with typical Jamaican curry gravy, rice and beans (instead of white rice), and cabbage (instead of salad). Both the rice and beans and the cabbage (cooked with pork, I think) were really good calls. This was a huge platter that reminded me of what I used to get at Negril down at Waterside Mall, except this was maybe even a hair better. They also have a $9 "large," and I can't imagine what that would get you because the styrofoam container was already stuffed to the max - maybe one extra thigh or something. Andrene, nice E320 parked outside. :)



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