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"Consumers 'Turning Backs' On Bordeaux"

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Well, I called it right, but I called it too soon. Given that a decent-sized Bordeaux chateau makes 20,000-25,000 *cases* of wine per year, it is unbelievable that these wines are as expensive as they are. They are simply not rare; it's just that Russia, and then China, swooped into the markets, putting heavy demand on a product with an inelastic supply.

Burgundy has finally caught up to (and in many cases, passed) Bordeaux in the auction markets, but it's also, quite literally, 100 times more rare. There are many bottlings (vintage+vineyard+producer) that see production in the 200-250 case range.

"Consumers 'Turning Backs' On Bordeaux" by Lucy Shaw on thedrinksbusiness.com

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