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BBQ Catering(Old Angler's Inn)

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My name is Ron Johnson, I am a line cook at Old Angler's Inn and also the owner of a BBQ catering company called SMOKIN' JARHEAD. I own a smoker trailer that I work off of in the OAI beer garden from Friday through Sunday. My smoker trailer is available for off-site catering, and also for events at OAI. For more information my contact info is on Smokin' Jarhead page on Facebook. I hope to see some of you in the beer garden on the weekends.

Ron Johnson
Smokin' Jarhead


ETA - I've gotten 100% positive feedback about the "Q" last night at our donrockwell.com dinner at Old Anglers Inn.

Can you barbecue meats such as lamb or goat? If so, I suspect many people hesitate to commit to things such as this because they have absolutely no idea what it might cost. How many meats can you offering in a single evening? Can you work with Halal meats if the customers supply their own? (Note: I'm not sure if Halal laws allow cooking surfaces that have been used for non-Halal meats to be used to produce a Halal meal, and that's probably something I *should* know.)

Thank you, Ron!

Don Rockwell

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