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I have a houseguest from France with a CPAP machine, and I was just told that it failed yesterday.

Knowing nothing about these machines, I did an internet search, and virtually randomly dialed The CPAP People in Richmond, and was routed to an agent on call named Ellen.

Ellen spent a good ten minutes talking with me about the probable causes of failure, saying it was most likely a power issue (France uses a different current system than the United States), and that if it wasn't obviously the power, we'd need to take the machine into a technician locally (she said this with the full knowledge that we were not customers, and never would be).

Well, as soon as I hung up, I checked the power device, and noticed the light wasn't on, so it wasn't the machine itself. I had a second international converter on hand, and hooked it up to that, and like magic, the green power light came on. So, it was the converter itself that had blown out, and not the machine or the power cable.

I called Ellen back to thank her, but I'd like to take this a step further due to her extraordinary level of customer (or, in my case, non-customer) service. "Thanks to you, an 82-year-old with sleep apnea will sleep well tonight," I said.

So Ellen, whomever you are, thank you!

Don Rockwell

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