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Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats - Kiosk at National Harbor With A Vintage Food Truck Too

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Goodies Frozen Custard, previously only in the great-looking restored old ice cream truck, Saturday opened a kiosk on American Way. We went there specifically for it, as I had long planned to chase down the truck but hadn't done it yet. Superb custard, and they've got Sprecher's sodas for floats. 

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Topic title needs to be updated, as this summer Goodies opened a picture-perfect walk-up location in an old Ice House substation they rehabbed at 200 Commerce Street in Alexandria. Wisconsin-style frozen custard on point as ever. On my recent visit, while I enjoyed both a root beer float with vanilla custard and a peanut butter and vanilla custard shake (OK, excessive but I was celebrating a great-nephew's birth.... and a beautiful day... I asked if they made malts -- nope, but server said he'd make it thicker to mimic a malt somewhat if I'd like -- I did), I saw charming owner Brandon pop down to take an order from a car that pulled up on the street. Hope he doesn't mind me sharing, but I overheard him tell apparently regular customer, no worries, you can pay me next time. 1950's-inspired treats and customer service.

I have no connection to this business other than being a fan.

Goodies Alexandria.jpg

Goodies Ice House.jpg

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