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L'Amour de la Vie (1969, French) - Academy Award-Winning Documentary About Pianist Arthur Rubenstein


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Even though "The Love Of Life" won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, you have to really, *really* like Arthur Rubenstein to enjoy it.

I do, and did, but it is not a well-made documentary. It gives the viewer a slice of life into an older Rubenstein, but it lacks purpose, flow, and a <<raison d'ètre>>, other than to take a snapshot of this genius, the greatest pianist ever to play Chopin.

Despite any tedium involved, it is ninety minutes well-spent, and you won't regret watching it, even though it may feel like work at times. It's a French documentary, but it's tailored for English-speaking audiences.

(At least watch the first minute so you can see what Air France used to serve in their first-class cabins ... or, at least what they paid to have shown - I remain unconvinced that everyone got a three-pound lobster to go with their second helping of foie gras.) :)

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