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Koozebanian Fazoob

Madrone's, Keith Ashley's American Bar and Grill on Wormans Mill Road in Frederick

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7810 Wormans Mill Rd.
Frederick, MD 21701
This is a nice bar and grill up in northern Frederick, right across from the Wegmans. The food here is what I would categorize as 'above average but not worth going much out of your way for', but the beer selection here is one of the better ones in town.
Most notably, the beer selection is constantly rotating. Usually there will be one or two craft brewers from the area taking up 4-6 taps each, as well as a decent staple selection. Troegs, Dogfish, Duclaw, Flying Dog, Victory, and Heavy Seas are all locals that frequently appear here. It's good to keep your ears open because they occasionally will do full tap takeovers, and sometimes have special deals or pairings or freebies. They had a Duclaw takeover once where a $5 12oz pour let you keep the glass, which was nice.
They also have a Nitro tap, of which Old Rasputin is frequently on board, please make sure to get this if you go here and see it. They also have a Randal, which rotates in and out.
Finally, they have some decent bottles and cans to choose from, including Ten Fidy, V12, Blasphemy, and I've even seen Avery's Mephistopheles here for a disturbingly low price before (about $6 for a 12oz bottle). In general, the prices here are Pretty Good for beer.
Food wise, definitely do not pass up on the Goat Cheese Brulee Dip, this stuff is just all kinds of amazing. I have not had anything else here I thought was exceptionally good, but nothing has been bad either. I usually go for a chicken sandwich or the Jambalaya myself, my wife always gets the steak with blue cheese. Also peanut butter pie. I just can't help myself.
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