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Elaine Stritch (1925-2014), A 65+ Year Career On Broadway With A Tony Award, Three Emmy Awards, And A Grammy Nomination


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Here she is singing for the first time "I'm Still Here" at the White House for the President and First Lady and some very lucky people.  She gets totally lost yet that makes the song more poignant than ever.  A real pro.  

Boy, she still had it, didn't she.

Elaine Stritch is worth knowing about even if you aren't into Broadway. I'm not much into lists, but she's pretty much going to be on anyone's Top 10, or should be. She isn't as well-known to this generation as several women of more-recent vintage, but she will be considered their peer when all is said and done, and when current memories fade away. The George Thorogood of Broadway Divas.

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