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Kinderhook Snacks - Sweet and Savory Baked Goods Delivered


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Here's Kinderhook's website. I picked up a pack of their Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies ($3.90 for 5 medium-large cookies) at Parts & Labor last week, and listen to me here:

They go sooooo well with red wine.

Gosh they do, and here are the ingredients:

1) Unbleached bread flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour)

2) Unbleached cake flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, unmodified cornstarch)

3) Cane juice sugar

4) Brown sugar

5) Butter

6) Eggs

7) Semisweet chocolate (chocolate liquor, sugar cocoa butter, lecithin, vanilla)

8) Vanilla extract

9) Baking soda

10) Baking powder

11) Salt

A lot of ingredients, but nothing bad. And they taste like they're really well-made, with care. They are *so* good, and at only .78 cents a cookie full retail, they're a good deal, too.

I polished these off over 4 different nights, breaking down this evening and having the final two. Every bit as fresh as last Tuesday when I bought the packet. I'm having them right now with the last of my 2006 Domaine Lignier-Michelot Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru "Les Faconnières," and this is a perfect food-wine pairing.

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