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Vin Scully (1927-) - The Voice Of The Dodgers (1949-2014) For 66 Years

Al Dente

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I loved Jon Miller's Vin Scully impression. I don't even remember what Jon Miller is doing nowadays, but he's my all-time favorite baseball announcer.

Next to Cal Ripken and Eddie Murray, Jon Miller was the Oriole MVP.

I had *no idea* Vin Scully was in his 66th year. That is ... incredible. He moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles with the team, I assume? He must have had some pretty serious clout even back then for them to want him to do that (before the 1958 season, when he had "only" ten years on the job). Little did they know at the time that JFK would be elected president, and that Scully would still be announcing 54 years after Eisenhower left office. He *almost* had the entirety of Jackie Robinson's career covered! (Robinson was a rookie in 1947, two years before Scully started - it's a shame he wasn't around to remember it (or maybe he does?))

As an aside, it's a shame Robinson's jersey (#42 which is the only number that's retired from all of major-league baseball) wasn't #47 so people could remember his rookie year - I guess some things in life are *too* perfect.

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