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"The Iceman Tapes - Conversations With A Killer" (1992) - An Interview with Richard "The Iceman" Kurklinski (1935-2006)


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I'm writing this down primarily so I remember it in the future.

It's a fine documentary, worth watching if you want to see a minimally manipulated interview with a man who claims to have killed over one-hundred people - not for sexual thrills, not for kicks, not for drugs, but for money: he was a paid hit-man. an independent contractor if you will.

The documentary was culled together from seventeen hours of interview tapes with Richard Kuklinski in his maximum-security prison, and is elegant in its use of light touch, and for letting Kuklinski do most of the talking. It's not creepy, it's not scary, and it's not as chilling as you may think - it's mainly informative.

Note that this is from 1992, and there is a second documentary from 2001, and a third from 2003, which are also by HBO (and apparently available on one DVD), but I would think the second two are superfluous and unnecessary.

My criteria for selecting this were pretty basic: I wanted to see a documentary, I wanted to learn something I had no previous knowledge of, and I wanted it to be less than one-hour long. This fit the bill.

I saw my version on Amazon Prime for free, but it appears to also publicly available on YouTube for free. I don't think you will be traumatized from watching this - it's not like that. But, obviously, viewer discretion is advised, and you know in advance what the subject material is, so do use your judgment. If you're sick-and-tired of all the needless violence in this world, give it a pass - but keep in mind there's *plenty* out there that's gratuitous and much, much more violent and gory (there is no violence or gore in this).

You know what you have, so choose wisely. I'm glad I watched it, but I would rate it as good, not great. I would be very interested to hear other peoples' opinions, in agreement or otherwise.

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