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"Scientology - The Ex-Files" (2011), A Documentary Interviewing Ex-Scientology Members - Directed by Quentin McDermott


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I love to learn, and so I love documentaries - often manageable in length, and covering topics I know little about.


"Scientology - The Ex-Files" is just such a film. Starting with footage of founder L. Ron Hubbard.

As with all cult leaders, Hubbard was a charismatic man, who backed up that charisma with severe punishment for those who disagreed with his philosophies, even having a punishment group aboard his ship called the "RPF" (the Rehabilitation Project Force - this all took place on a boat).

Hubbard passed away in 1986, but Scientology carries on, an Austalian-based organization, headed by his successor, David Miscaviage. It achieved tax-exempt religious status in Austalia in 1983.

Hubbard's "bait and switch" philosophy is called "Dianetics" - to fully master it costs about $50,000 (sound like a few physical-therapy modalities we all know and partake in?) We used to have a Dianetics paperback in our house growing up, stuck away on a bookshelf, and I had no idea what it was (my parents were entirely normal; we just had a ton of books), but it was the first time I'd ever heard of L. Ron Hubbard. Apparently, this three-dollar book can turn into $50-75K if played out to its logical conclusion.

"The Bridge To Total Freedom" is yet the next level, dealing with spirituality, not simply a "mental approach." Now we're talking $150-200K.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote a secret scripture in 1967, about an evil inter-galactic warlord called "Xenu" who visited earth millions of years ago, and the spirits of his victims are the cause of mankind's spiritual ills.

Read that previous paragraph as many times as you need, and feel free to verify its validity on Google.

Everyone who joins the "Sea Organization" (Hubbard's Scientology contract) signs a contract for a billion years.

Joe Reaiche was Scientology's #1 person for keeping members in line, but became a skeptic. Secret internal reports had been written about him and were disclosed. He was not allowed to see the reports, call witnesses, or have any legal representation. On June 7, 2005, Reiache was declared a "Suppressive Person," and expelled from the church. And when he called to speak with his children, the brainwashed little ones were not allowed to speak with him. Similar things have happened to many other families - mind control is nearly total.

As for Tom Cruise and the other distressingly long list of famous Scientologists, I did not ask for their opinions.

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I find it hard to work up a lot of animus for Scientology or other relatively new crackpot religions, when all of the old ones are really just as crackpotty, and many of them have done far worse and more pervasive mischief in the world, including lots of misery and death.

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