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2nd Avenue Deli - Kosher Deli Open In 1954 And Expanded To Multiple National Locations

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BTW, I always preferred (in order) 2nd Ave Deli, Katz's and Pastrami Queen in Queens. The reason I ate so often at the Carnegie is that it was down the street from my office and we had a house account there. 

Anyone who puts (the original) 2nd ave Deli at the top knows what he is talking about. And validates my belief (since he agrees) that Brooklyn's tops Altmans.

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2nd Avenue Deli has two Manhattan locations, an informative website, but also a suspect Twitter account - can anyone tell me if their @2ndAvenueDeli handle is legitimate?

(Note that The Carnegie Deli also qualifies as a "Local Chain" because they have several locations across the United States. And, a special note to our New York readers: We assure you we're not raving over The Carnegie Deli - we're all well-aware of just how far it has fallen, but it was truly something special 30 years ago. :))

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Once when I ordered tongue, the waitress said "are you sure you want that" - with the same disbelieving look I get from the Chinese waitress when I order jelly fish salad.

You know I got this reaction at 2nd Ave on my last visit there -- several years ago but after they moved to the new location. I ordered a pound of tongue to go and the guy behind the counter tried to talk me into ordering pastrami instead, as if I didn't know what I was doing. I guess he didn't know I had been eating tongue since I was a kid and still love it for an occasional indulgence.

Other than 2nd Ave, any opinions on where to get tongue? It's been a few years since I've had any.

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