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Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut Break - Evil Twin Brewing, Kobenhavn, Denmark


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Sometimes there is a bottle that just sits on the shelf and stares at you.  This can happen at your local bottle shop or just the shelf you keep your beer on at home.  I probably walked by this beer 10 times before buying it.  I don't know if it was the $15 price tag, the 22 oz. bottle of dark black stout that I couldn't imagine drinking on my own, or the memory of all too sweet stouts that didn't even pass the smell test.  With a 98 from the field on Beer Advocate, and a palate tired of IPAs, I went ahead an picked up a bottle the other day. 

After pouring the beer into three glasses to share with some friends, taking the aroma in, then drinking the first sip I immediately hoped that I'd be able to go find a second bottle.  Although it is pitch black in the glass with thick brown foam, it is not too syrupy like some stouts can be.  There are excellent coffee flavors at the beginning followed by a sweetness leaning more towards vanilla than chocolate for me.  With the dark colors, my brain was expecting a chocolate-base, so the vanilla was a very welcome surprise.  Probably due to the name of the beer, I could easily picture the flavors being inspired by dipping a cookie into a strong cup of coffee.  This is a definite buy again for me, even at the higher price and 11.5% ABV.  It's a good one to share with a friend or two after dinner; I imagine a whole bottle might be your only drink of the night.

Evil Twin also put out a Glazed Imperial Doughnut Break.  I am probably too late to the party to find on the shelf, but am very interested in trying.

Evil Twin Brewing is Denmark-based gypsy brewery that started in 2010 in Denmark.  The founder is by Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsí¸, who is the brother of Mikkeller's Mikkel Borg Bjergsí¸, another gypsy brewer.


Finally got my hands on the Doughnut Break.  It's good, but the Biscotti is a bit better I think.  Both are very well done beers that I recommend trying if you can.


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