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This weekend is my birthday, and I am convening a bunch of friends, who will come and go over time, Saturday afternoon.  My initial thought was Wonderland's patio - I like the vibe, it's easy for people to come and go, and if the weather turns there is an indoors area.

I've been out of the bar world for a bit due to a number of life circumstances, so I am not super-up on all the new places.  Any other ideas out there?  I've been to Dickson Wine Bar's patio, and liked it, so that is an option.  Intrigued by Dacha beergarden, but think it might be packed and chaotic on Saturday afternoon.  Other ideas have been Red Derby's patio.

Am I forgetting some gem of a place?  Prefer Columbia Heights, U st. 14th, Adams Morgan, Park View.

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