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Smoking Rooster's BBQ Pit & Caribbean Cuisine, Chef-Owner Mandrel Stuart in Staunton - Closed

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It sounds like Mandrel Stuart got totally hosed. Good for him for not accepting their B.S. settlement offer ("Hey, so here's the deal: We rob you, and we'll give you half your money back if you agree to forget about it. Deal?")

Reading that series is making my blood boil.  They mentioned at least two people who lost restaurants because of that practice.  The other was the Chinese man down South.

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I once represented an elderly woman who lost her home, basically because she let her accused drug-dealer son live there for a couple of months. Neither the woman nor the home had anything at all to do with any illegal activity, and she didn't appear to even be aware of her son's alleged wrongdoing. These seizure "laws" are awful.

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