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Holiday Cocktail Party Location


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The time has come again to start thinking about holiday parties, and once again it is up to me to come up with ideas for our department holiday party, and I am at a loss.

I am looking for a space in the downtown or Penn Quarter/Gallery Place area that would hold about 70-100 people for cocktails and heavy hors d'oeurves. Although the event itself will likely only last 2-3 hours, there is a tendency for them to continue in some form (either in the same location or moving to the bar area) until closing time. Not generally the quietest of groups either.

Last year we were at Zengo, which was perfect! Everyone had the best time. Although it was only scheduled from about 6:30-8:30, we didn't really break up at all until about 10, at which time about 1/3 of the people went to the bar area until closing. But, our group has grown quite a bit since then, and I no longer think we could fit in the private room there.

Any suggestions?

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