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Ellicott City to Columbia - Nothing Spicy or Fancy, Nice Beers or Drinks a Plus, Open Mondays


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We are meeting friends from Towson for dinner.  The requirements are: somewhat halfway between, not spicy {if they want spicy foods, I know where to go}, nothing fancy or involved, nice beer/drinks wold be a plus.  Nothing too heavy either.  Open Mondays.  There are places in the dining guide but most of the posts are old.

I looked at Facci's website but it had annoying loud music and no way yo turn it off.  So they are out.

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I haven't been here in a long time now, but assuming it's the same as it used to be, *and assuming you don't mind ordering at the counter*, Trattoria e Pizzeria da Enrico might pleasantly surprise you. They used to let you bring your own wines for a nominal corkage fee - you should call to check first (and definitely bring your own stemware unless you want to drink from a hard plastic cup - also, ask him if he'll save you a booth because this place is mostly tables, and you'll want a booth).

It's steam table lasagna and things like that, but it's the same type of quality as Greek Deli at Farragut West (and there are booths to sit in).

You could actually have a lot of fun here if you know what you're getting into (think: brightly lit pizza parlor with curved orange benches).

I used to drive here from Laurel on occasion. Pour the owner (Southern Italian, if I'm not mistaken - this captures the spirit of him) a glass of wine and he'll love you. Five minutes of online research, and you'll know whether or not this place is right for you.

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If price isn't an option, I'd go to Iron Bridge. Or if they're not open, Ranazul in Maple Lawn. Or sit outside at Facci if the noise is a concern (have you been lately? They've expanded so I don't know if the noise would still be an issue, I can't remember either way from my last visit).

If it's beer you want, both Victoria's and The Ale House have good beer programs (I prefer Ale House based solely on beer, but both are very good). Food at both can be imo somewhat inconsistent - Victoria's is more of a "chef-y" place while Ale House is more corporate, but I've had very good meals and not so great meals in both places. However, at both you can't really go wrong with the burgers.

There's also Aida's, but I haven't been there in a long time.

Or for something totally different, go to Azul 17 for fresh made gaucamole (they make it in front of you) and an amazing selection of tequilas.

I have no idea, which if any of these places are open on Mondays, sorry.

ETA: LOL, I just realized you were turned off by the music on Facci's website, not in the restaurant. I think you're doing yourself a tiny bit of a disservice skipping the restaurant for that reason alone. ;) Although given that it's Italian cuisine, you may be underwhelmed. I think the food there is very good, but not outstanding or w/o flaws - but for how close it is to me, I'm happy to go there. FWIW.

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