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Serpico, Chef-Owner Peter Serpico Asian-Inspired Modern American on South and S. 6th Street - South Philly

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Summary review: Went Sunday for dinner as part of an overnight Memorial Day getaway. Place was doing good business on a night with bad weather. Great lively feel and a very cool but underpopulated bar. Standout dish was the crispy snapper which was finished by ladling hot fry oil over the scales. The beef short rib had promise but was overly salty - mgmt was kind enough to take it off the bill. Was impressed by the inclusion of a semi-funky french cider (750 mL format) on the menu, which we polished off in lieu of dessert before heading to Monk's Cafe.

If my visits to Philly weren't so infrequent, and there weren't so many other deserving spots on the, I'd definitely go back. But unlikely at this point.

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We went here this past Friday and absolutely loved it. Both food and service were wonderful, and it was fun sitting at the chef's counter looking into the kitchen. At the recommendation of our server we went with two items from the far left column (best described as small appetizers), the raw fluke and a tomato and corn salad that was a chalkboard special. We then ordered the summer corn agnolotti, and then the slow poached halibut (in a celery dashi broth with mushrooms, and one of the most beautifully composed dishes I've ever eaten) and the duck breast. I'd happily return. 

We opted against the tasting menu in large part based on price. It was $125 a person, plus $100 for beverage pairings. I didn't really notice anyone else near us ordering that either. 

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We had a really great meal here Saturday with friends.  The standouts were the mushrooms served in the form of linguini a la cacio e pepe, the incredibly savory chicken and snail lasagna, and my salmon, which was somehow super crispy on the skin, but basically raw below it.  It came with cabbage and roe of some sort in a dill/cream/fishy sauce.  Outstanding. 


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