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Circa, Generic American in Multiple Area Locations

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Circa has always stuck me as a place for people who really miss the experience of eating in an anonymous upscale cafe in an airport terminal concourse and wish they could have that same thing at home.

This comment is extremely insightful and funny.

The MHG Group (owners of Circa) also owns the Greenberry's in McLean - maybe it's best to think of Circa as a substitute for Starbucks or Open City (another place that is inexplicably crowded all the time).

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I think that you have a legitimate gripe here. Even if you had a party of three, they would seat you at a four-top, so as long as you have three people there, they should seat you. Same with a party of two, with one person there, or a party of six, with five people there.

This happened to me most recently at Circa in Clarendon, maybe a year or so ago, and I argued with the hostess about it for maybe ten minutes or so. In the end, she agreed with me and sat us, but she was very unpleasant about it.

Your situation is:

1) because Circa is always crowded

2) why Circa will always be terrible

Need any proof that people are idiots? Stand outside Circa, Open City, etc.

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