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Dizengoff, Lunch-Only Hummusiya from The Owner Of Zahav - 1625 Sansom Street in Rittenhouse

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Dizengoff, 1625 Sansom St.

Hours: 10:30 am until 4pm or sell-out.

Hummusiya from Michael Solomonov (Zahav).

Opened on Aug. 11, 2014 (Foobooz, picture of opening menu on Dizengoff's Facebook page).

This past Saturday, I arrived at 30th St Station at lunchtime and took a cab straight to Dizengoff.  The hummus at Zahav is my absolute favorite so I was eager to try Dizengoff.

Attached is a picture of Saturday's menu (menu changes regularly).

You order at the counter.  They give you a baseball card with a number, you find a seat, and they bring you your order.  There isn't a whole lot of seating.  There are 4 picnic tables (2 of them are together end to end) and 2 sets of 2 stools.

I had the chicken hummus.  The hummus was ultra smooth just like Zahav's and had warm, seasoned, pulled chicken on top.  The order came with hot, soft pita bread, 2 long thin pickles, and a cucumber and red onion salad.  I loved it all.  Attached is a picture.

FYI, his other new place Abe Fisher is next door.



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Stopped by Dizengoff today at 11:50am. The menu had turnips and carrot add ins. Got the pulled chicken hummus and some frozen lemonana.

Fantastic pickles that balanced with the cucumber/red onion, hummus and pita. Wife and I split one bowl and were licking the bowl clean. Try the table condiments with your hummus, "hanf" which is this smoky and lightly spicy chili oil, as well as the za'atar, made of sesame, thyme and sumac.

Lemonanas were delicious, i think there was some chopped basil in it. Light and sour....just sweet enough but not cloying.

This place was so busy, by the time we left there was a huge line out the door.

Also, if they have the brisket hummus, which i had last time i was here....go for it.

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they also sell their hummus here by the quart--for either $16 or $18 (i forget which) you get a quart of that amazingness plus 6 fresh pitas. the only catch is that you 1) have to order this 24 hours in advance and 2) then have to eat the hummus before it goes bad, which is faster than you'd expect as it has no preservatives. however, as i discovered this weekend, the hummus actually thaws pretty well. we got a quart a couple months ago and didn't have time to finish it so froze it. thawed this weekend it was still quite good. 

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Dizengoff has expanded in recent years, most conveniently IMO to the Whole Foods by the Franklin Institute and Art Museum.  There's a food hall-style set-up on the main level that also includes Federal Donuts and Goldie.  Plus underground parking is free for 90 minutes and there are spots for charging electric vehicles.  Most importantly, shakshuka is available on Saturdays too -- only Sundays at the downtown location -- and was enjoyably spicy when we ordered it the other day.

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We stopped in the Dizengoff Rittenhouse Square location on Sansom Street to get some hummus to go before heading back to DC.  The hummus and small container of beet salad traveled well, the pita did ok.  With holiday traffic is was a 4 hour drive. 

The Sansom street location is fairly small, not much more than a store front with maybe 20 seats.  I would imagine it can get crowded, loud, and chaotic fast.  We ordered at the small counter and they gave us a number stand and then deliver the food.  We waited about 10 minutes for our order to be made and packaged to go.

The hummus was lush and rich.  They had 4 options for toppings and we went with the pepper and walnut, which was basically muhammara. 

I'd rank the hummus at Dizengoff above Little Sesame, although I'd give the nod to LS for toppings.

The shakshuka looked really good.  Next time!


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Stopped on the way to NJ.  I had pre-ordered a pint of hummus, it now comes with 4 pitas and pickled veggies.  I ordered 4 additional pitas.  The hummus is as good as I remembered- still the best I’ve ever had.  The pitas were thicker than the laffa at Zahav but very pillowy.  Wish there’s a Dizengoff in DC.


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