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Union Square Greenmarket, Year-Round Farmers Market Open Since 1976 - On Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, at Union Square Park

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Until I can find time to fix my Toronto write-up fiasco, I shall, instead, share the wonders of this outdoor, year-round Farmers Market, located in the lovely Union Square Park.

Apparently, Union Square Greenmarket has been open since 1976. The vendors vary, depending on the day you visit, and the link has detailed maps and vendor listings.

Even on a rainy, wet, Saturday, such as two weekends ago, many shoppers came to visit familiar vendors and delight in the local wares available.

During the holiday season, there is also a nice, twice the size as DC's, Christmas Market. I liked the fact that Wafels & Dinges had a booth there.

But I digress. I really wanted to share about the Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel booth vendor. Although I like the Snyder-version, it's not quite the same as those I've found in the short time I worked in Philly; so it was rather nice to come across solidly made, really dip-able, not crumble when drinking with beer-type of Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels, as sold by Martin's Pretzels. You can order online, too. At the booth, you can get pretzel tins, or broken pieces (salted vs. unsalted) by the pound.

I wanted to write this place up, as finally finishing the last bits of my $2 (about 1/4 pound?) bag of unsalted makes me realize that I am craving for more, well-made pretzels, I guess.

I also got to sample some really good, rich, Grade A, Very Dark with strong taste Vermont maple syrup from Deep Mountain Maple that I cannot wait to use. You can also order from them online.

This is a really nice farmers market to have nearby, for those living in New York City.

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