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"Little Red Riding Rabbit" (1944) Bugs Bunny In A Spoof Of Little Red Riding Hood

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Just when you think it's physically impossible to like that opening song, this comes along:

"Ella Fitzgerald - 'Five O'Clock Whistle' (1941)" (Her elocution was just fantastic - she's so good that you *want* to listen to the entire song, and a funny song it is, too.)

A few other things I've noticed about "Little Red Riding Rabbit" -

* Being made in 1944, it was in the heart of WWII. This explains the note on Grandma's door:


* The following picture (and possibly the fact that I observed it) is extremely offensive, but it's a well-known fact that racism permeated American cartoons in the first half of the 20th century, and anti-Japanese rhetoric abounded around this time. With that said, there's very little doubt in my mind who the constantly annoying and thoroughly unpleasant Little Red Riding Hood was drawn to resemble:


* There is one frame where Bugs Bunny's right hand is disembodied and replicated:


* There is another frame where Bugs Bunny is in two places at the same time:


* It's strange to imagine a link between "Little Red Riding Rabbit" and "Unbroken," but the former was animated while the latter was occurring.

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