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Le Vieux Logis (1980-2020), Old-School French On Old Georgetown Road and Auburn Avenue in Downtown Bethesda

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Excellent meal last weekend, simple French not overly sauced, vegatables treated as they should be.

The clientele was definitely older. Did not see anyone who seemed younger than 65. Younger folks don't know what they are missing

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Interesting there wasn't already a thread for Le Vieux Logis?  The place will be 35 YEARS OLD later this year!

Interesting to compare two WaPo takes:

2005/Eve Zibart

2012/Tom Sietsema

Phyllis Richman (Tom's predecessor) reviewed it in '96, which Tom references in his 2012 review but couldn't find her original take online.

This is actually the most recent Sietsema review, which he did after the ownership change a year ago.

"Le Vieux Logis Shakes Off Dust And Refocuses On French Classics Done Well"

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His wife was killed driving home from the restaurant late one evening. She was jet lagged after having just returned from a trip to South Africa. It was never the same after her death. She was a wonderful person and was a great front of the house manager. 

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