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One Eight Distilling (brand new, as of 01/10/15, D.C. distillery)

Joe Riley

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These folks just opened their distillery this month, and it's most encouraging to see: http://www.oneeightdistilling.com/home

Just as their neighbor, New Columbia, does, the folks at One Eight make their own grain neutral spirit (GNS), rather than purchasing it commercially.  That method certainly is NOT the path of least-resistance, but it does ensure their satisfaction of quality-control and D.C. authenticity.

As of this moment, only their vodka and their Rock Creek White Whiskey are available, but their Ivy City Gin will follow in just over a month, and they will be distilling other spirits as well.  Much to look forward to! :)


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Joe, thanks for the mention and thank you (and Ace) and Ferhat (with his tasty restaurant Fishnet!) for being early supporters. We're excited to finally be distributing in DC and we look forward to (hopefully) getting into the VA and MD markets soon. Cheers,


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