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Four, Self-Proclaimed "The World's Best Food Magazine"?

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I'm generally highly skeptical of any entity that proclaims itself 'best in world' at anything but this magazine launched in the US last year and does have some good photography.


Fair bit of pretentiousness (they talk about "targeting readers in the A/B bracket" who "enjoy a luxury lifestyle") as well as some interesting content. One of the major sections focuses on "Chefs" with maybe a couple hundred listed from around the world. For DC, no Ruta, Trabocchi, Wiedmaier, or Ziebold. No Cooper, Furstenberg or even O'Connell. But, Andres is in there. He may be the only one. They have an adjudicated "Rising Stars" foursome for each continent. Here in North America, no mention of Silverman or Friedman.

Not sure if I have any use for this yet. An initial skim was both a tad interesting and pretty annoying.

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