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Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015), American Actor, Director, Poet, Singer, and Photographer

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Agreed. This is awful news. Guessing many on this site and all over the world will be raising a glass to Mr. Spock tonight and this weekend.

RIP, Leonard Nimoy. You were truly awesome.

^ Hear, hear. Very sad to hear. Might have to dig up his old albums tonight....

From the NYT obit. Ouch. Like so many, I grew up loving Mr. Spock and, as an adult, never even realized he'd published music.

"Though his speaking voice was among his chief assets as an actor, the critical consensus was that his music was mortifying. Mr. Nimoy, however, was undaunted, and his fans seemed to enjoy the camp of his covers of songs like "If I Had a Hammer." (His first album was called "Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space.")"

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Leonard Nimoy, in some form or another, has 5 of the Top 10 trends on Twitter as of 5:55 PM (with 1 of them being a paid promotion): #LeonardNimoy, Spock, Star Trek, #LLAP, and Vulcan.

Promoted by Warner Bros Pictures
Boris Nemtsov
Star Trek

"Leonard Nimoy: William Shatner and George Takei Remember Their 'Star Trek' Costar" by Leslie Messer via Good Morning America on abcnews.go.com

"Leonard Nimoy: Tributes pour in for 'Star Trek' actor" by Lauren Moraski on cbsnews.com

NASA's farewell tweet.

And Tom Hanks said all that needs to be said.

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I watched "The Amok Time" last night (Season 2, Episode 1) in an homage to Leonard Nimoy. I chose this particular episode because it makes Nimoy more human (as Spock) than perhaps any other episode (ironically, it's the Vulcan half that has the human foibles). Another good one for people who don't want to invest an entire hour would be the ending of Season 3, Episode 19, "Requiem for Methuselah" - it's one of Star Trek's most touching moments, and you don't need to watch the entire show to watch the one scene (there are no good partial clips on YouTube; find the entire episode and watch the last four minutes) - the final scene in Kirk's quarters stands alone very well.)

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