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Indie Rock and Alternative Rock - Bands You'll See At 9:30, Black Cat, Etc.

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I've learned from these threads that our members are a very, very intelligent, diverse bunch with interest ranging from everything to homemade pasta, to birding, to architecture, and probably hundreds, if not thousands, of other topics, hobbies, and passions.

I want to dedicate this Indie Rock / Alternative Rock thread to one of our greatest members, cheezepowder, and with both the 9:30 Club and Black Cat here in DC, not to mention brian's own U Street Music Hall, plus any number of clubs in the United States, I'm hoping it can spawn off other threads as well.

"Jack of All Trades; Master of None" - we've all heard that phrase, and it describes me to a T - I know next to nothing about this genre of music, but I'm interested in learning, and I hope some of our masters will chime in and (indirectly) teach me.

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